The Fridge Whose Fans Include James Beard Award-Winning Chefs 

and the Kardashians

Chef Wylie Dufresne. 

We’ve come a long way since our commercial manufacturing beginnings in our founder’s garage: Today, we’re 15 years into our luxury residential line and going strong. Our high style industrial-chic appeal and high-performing units offer the utmost in aesthetics and quality. Below, we’ve listed just a handful of our favorite chefs and tastemakers who love our fridges just as much as we do!

Chef Natalia Vallejo, who just won a coveted James Beard Award for Best Chef: South this past June, is not only a fan but also lays claim to being the first Puerto Rican woman to ever bring home such an award. While Chef Vallejo continues to use our commercial fridge in her San Juan-based restaurant, Cocina al Fondo, (we checked in to offer her our congrats!), she also touts the benefits of our residential fridge here. And she’s not the only one! Chef Kim Canteenwalla and his restaurateur wife, Elizabeth Blau, have our 48” Glass Door Refrigerator in their Las Vegas residence and love it. You can even see how Chef Kim styles their fridge here

Chef Kim Canteenwalla.

Baker, cookbook author, former MasterChef contestant, and founder of blog Milk & Cardamom, Chef Hetal Vasavada also just used one of our units in her colorful kitchen renovation. Why does she love it? As she stated in theSkimm “It’s engineered to be opened and closed often without losing cold air, and a cold fridge means less food waste. Goodbye, strawberries that rot after two days in the fridge!” […] I was able to customize it with a glass door — living my best Kardashian fantasy — along with gold hardware so that it is my statement piece in my kitchen,” she stated. We’re excited to share some pics soon—it’s quite eye-catching! 

Last but not least, who doesn’t love Wylie Dufresne? Well we love the James Beard award-winning chef just a bit more since he has our 42” side-by-side—along with a few other refrigeration units—in his home kitchen. “With hygienic, attractive stainless steel interiors and incredibly sturdy drawers, the True 42” delivers that commercial strength that I rely on at work to my home,” Dufresne remarked.

But back to capturing the hearts and minds of Americans. There are few families that have done just so in such a big way as the Kardashian/Jenner family. Any guesses to what refrigeration brand members of this influential American family love? Take a quick look here. We’ve got to hand it to Kris Jenner—the woman can style a fridge and has since spawned hundreds of copycats. Design is in the details!