Takeaways from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ Outdoor Living Report

Outdoor living is here to stay—and the latest research shows it has a colorful personality. Luxury outdoor kitchens manufacturer Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens recently released its annual Outdoor Living Report which documents the rising trend, along with a number of other interesting takeaways.

Outdoor living experienced a major uptick in 2020 and it has not waned in popularity. The survey noted that 75% of home buyers prioritized houses with outdoor living spaces when purchasing a new home. A whopping 63% of current property owners reported that investing in an outdoor living space would be top of mind if they were to renovate their home, with another 40% surveyed saying that focus would be on an outdoor bar, and an additional 45% expanding the focus to an oasis-inspired backyard escape for both relaxation and indulgence. As an American-born-and-made brand, we’ve always believed investing in outdoor living is one of the best and easiest ways to extend a home’s footprint—a crucial reason why we offer so many indoor/outdoor undercounter unit options.

One of our favorite stats from the survey? 69% of Americans hold the view that outdoor kitchens present an opportunity to integrate fun and unique colors— choices which they may not be bold enough to make in their interiors.  Similarly 77% of Americans feel outdoor areas allow them to depart from more traditional design options. Considering we’ve launched a variety of bold and neutral-adjacent hues in the past few years—we’re quite excited to be on trend. Our new Bluestone hue, along with our cheerful Saffron, calming Sage, moody Juniper, and our vibrant Cobalt hue are just some of the finishes we offer that are designed to add a pop of color and interest to any space. 

The demand for outdoor living space has even hit the short and long term rental market— 71% of Americans surveyed would be more inclined to rent a property with an outdoor kitchen. This is great news for designers—with increased budgets and a bigger focus on outdoor living, they are now empowered to create more imaginative, creative, and colorful spaces. Outdoor living in second homes is just as vital and also tends to be more playful in the design. Designer Billy Ceglia weighed in: “We’ve seen an even bigger push for outdoor living in clients’ second homes. This, and heavier use during the pandemic, has made clients realize the value of investing in high-quality outdoor materials that will stand the test of time.” Ceglia’s statement speaks to why our brand focuses so much on providing units that exhibit exceptional performance and durability. 

The 2023 Outdoor Living Report was informed by a custom survey commissioned by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens in partnership with The Harris Poll—a global market research firm—and surveyed thousands of adults precisely sampled and measured through a Bayesian credible interval.