Lights, camera, action! As the much-loved Cannes Film Festival just wrapped up, we thought we’d take a playful cinematic dive into the world of motion pictures. Just as a curated cast of talented actors are a recipe for an award-winning film, our high-performing range of full-sized units can be joined together to create a number of critically-acclaimed configurations. Our American-made brand’s Joining Kits make it possible—and we are pleased to announce the largest version yet was just released—a 120”-long  industry-exclusive design that allows for four 30” units to be seamlessly grouped together with one unified grill. The possibilities for a star-studded appliance ensemble are endless—but we’ve rounded up an assortment below! 

The Avengers: Kitchen Edition

120” Joining Kit in Bluestone: 30” Wine Column, two 30” Refrigerators with Bottom Freezer, and a 30” Wine Column.

Move over, Iron Man! Our Joining Kits allow homeowners—and front-of-house hospitality spaces—to assemble the ultimate superhero team of appliances. In similar fashion to the Avengers, these kits bring different units together for one unified purpose—to save your kitchen from entertaining chaos! What else do you need for a successful swanky soiree than two of our stylish refrigerators with bottom freezers and two wine columns seamlessly grouped together to cater to you and your guests? Bring your appliances together—they’ll be a force to be reckoned with. 

Jurassic Park: Appliance Park Twist

90” Joining Kit in Stainless Steel: Three 30” Wine Columns.

Jurassic Park may have focused on prehistoric beings, but it served to remind us of the T-Rex of kitchen finishes—stainless steel. While our American-made Wine Columns might transport you to the ancient world of bacchanals or the origins of the oenophile, this appliance set-up is dino-mite! We’re all about “appliance parks” when they look this good.

From Star Wars to Appliance Wars!

90” Joining Kit: Includes a 30” Glass Door Refrigerator, 30” Refrigerator, and a 30” Beverage Column. 

In a galaxy far, far away (i.e. your kitchen), our Joining Kits bring a refreshing order and balance to the family force. The Glass Door 30” Refrigerator and 30” Beverage Center are offset by the solid 30” Refrigerator in the middle—which serves as this striking grouping’s Jedi Master with its loyal droids on each side. Enjoy putting together an intergalactic feast (or a living room picnic) with easy-to-see delicacies and libations to choose from!

The Great “Kitchen” Escape

72” Joining Kits: 36” Freezer, and a 36” Refrigerator in Ultra Matte Black. 

While our units can’t be compared to criminal masterminds, certain appliance groupings are enticing enough that they encourage cunning kitchen heists. Few of us can stand the mysterious allure of tucked away culinary temptations. Let the adventures begin—make your kitchen its own blockbuster set by uniting some of our favorite solid-door units with our proprietary Joining Kits. 

Ford v Ferrari: Rev Up Your Design Engine

66” Joining Kit; 30” Wine Column, 36” Side-by-Side with Glass Door in an Automotive Grade Paint finish. 

Watching a high-stakes competition between two automotive giants unfold is thrilling—but the true thrill of the design race is something else altogether. Deciding between either our powder-coated finish options and/or the visual appeal of our sparkling new automotive grade paint—each done in-house at our Missouri headquarters—is the real feat. Since both are equal in durability and aesthetics, it’s all about deciding the right ride for a kitchen near you.