Since we’re all about outdoor living these days, we thought we’d put together some of our favorite designs for the fathers and father figures in our lives. These refrigeration units are destined to make enjoying an al fresco pint, cocktail, or beverage or two—a little sweeter than usual.

It’s no secret we love our Beverage Dispenser. Its small footprint (we have 15” single tap and 24” dual tap units available), is ideal for small or large spaces and/or gatherings. But here’s an intriguing fact: this versatile unit boasts the ability to transform into a coffee dispenser with the addition of our exclusive Nitro Coffee Kit—an optional accessory that can be purchased alongside the unit. And it’s not limited to Nitro coffee either, the unit also supports cold brews and more! It also happens to come in a variety of hues—from Bluestone, our newest introductory finish, to our textural Ultra Matte Black finish, and Sage, our calming yet cheer-inducing colorway—we view flexibility to design for any style as key.

Next up: Our Refrigerator and Freezer Drawers. While these units might not be top of mind when considering a Father’s Day gift, they’re actually quite perfect. Not only are they designed to store all kinds of cocktail and grilling accouterments, but the former can also serve as a place to store kids’ snacks—a must to avoid a sunny day meltdown. The latter can even serve to store icy cold beer glasses, liquors, and more.  And, as with all our units, they are available in a choice of 72 unique color combinations.

Last but not least, our Clear Ice Machine is a fantastic gift. It comes with a magnetic scoop that affixes to the interior and an articulating soft-close hinge—two great kid-friendly perks, along with a touch sensitive capacitive interface. For the dads concerned about the environment, our unit boasts a natural, non-toxic hydrocarbon refrigerant that is not just climate friendly, it’s also cost effective while producing an industry-leading 85lbs of ice per day. The best part? Clear ice melts much slower, allowing for longer enjoyment of that icy cold cocktail or soda pop.