Depending on your taste (and your grasp of tennis history), either Pete Sampras or Pancho Gonzales had the perfect serve.

Neither had the fastest or most powerful (or even most talked-about) serve, but both were unparalleled in possessing three important aspects:


Indoor or outdoors, in front of small crowds or in the US Open finals, these true professionals were in complete control. Temperature, pressure, you name it—they adapted to their environment and hit their serves, in the precise locations they wanted, point after point. 

To this point, no one (whom we’re aware of) has referred to the True Beverage Dispenser as the Pete Sampras of residential refrigeration, but if someone wanted to, he wouldn’t be out of bounds. Beer connoisseurs from Portland, Oregon, to Portland, Maine, are passionate in their praise of our Beverage Dispenser. There are several reasons, but when compared with kegerators and other home beer storage, the True Beverage Dispenser stands apart for its adaptability, precision, and consistency. 

Whether your Beverage Dispenser is in your kitchen or out on your patio, whether it’s late November or the dog days of summer, you get the same perfect serve every time: a consistently frosty, refreshing beer pulled perfectly to 33° as it passes through our air-cooled tower and into your pint glass. It’s that tower, engineered with our exclusive airflow technology, that seals the deal (and the cold).

In a system where the tower isn’t cooled, warm air will affect the beer in the line, allowing CO2 to escape, which will result in a glass full of foam. The second pour will be fine now that the line has been cooled by that pour, but without continuous air cooling, if the next beverage is served more than a few minutes later, you’ll end up with the same foam (and waste of beverage). Nobody wants that, especially not when you’re serving neighbors and friends. 

So when we say “the perfect serve,” we’re talking about a perfectly poured beverage whenever and wherever you want it. And we think Pete and Pancho would say cheers to that.