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Inspired by the vision and commitment of the best professional chefs, our full-sized refrigerators give high-end residential kitchens the modern look, real-world work space, and performance of the best professional kitchens around the world.


True Columns offer homeowners the freedom to design kitchens that look the way they want and, as importantly, reflect the way they live. Pairing columns with each other or even with a side-by-side means complete control and complete freedom, and for homeowners and designers alike, that means complete luxury.


True Undercounter Refrigerators are the ideal addition to your home, both indoor and out. They don’t simply provide extra storage—they also help organize the way you use your kitchen, bar, or outdoor entertaining area. Designed to enhance an existing kitchen or to serve as a focal point for your new one, True Undercounter products give you all the cold storage—and style—you could ask for.


Capable of producing 85 pounds of clear ice per day—more than any other residential ice machine—the True Clear Ice Machine is designed to handle every entertaining need. A True product to be proud of, it’s also an appliance to feel good about: with an industry-exclusive Energy Star certification, it uses less water and energy than any other clear ice machine in the industry.

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