Beauty isn’t a matter of form. Beauty is about “the way it’s supposed to be.”

We call something—an object, a moment, a person—“beautiful” when design meets realization, when form meets function, when features line up, when the bread rises just so, when the wine complements it perfectly, when the conversation flows nicely among your guests and you can’t completely put the joy of that experience into words other than to say that it was a beautiful evening. 

We design refrigerators that make kitchens beautiful. For a kitchen to be beautiful, its form (how it looks) must be matched by its function (its intended use). To better understand how the best kitchens function, we talked with professional chefs, who know better than anyone what makes a kitchen work the way it’s supposed to. From those discussions, we committed to designing our products around a “point of use” philosophy, which says that the places where food and drink are used are the places where food and drink should be stored. 

That might mean a set of Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers below the butcher block food prep surface or a Beverage Dispenser in the outdoor kitchen or a Beverage Center in the kitchen island so that children or guests can grab drinks without having to walk through cooking or clean-up areas. Essentially, we anticipated the trend of residential kitchens mirroring the efficiency and intelligence of the best commercial kitchens. 

The way we use our kitchens is changing. We’re increasingly customizing to match the variety (and needs) of the foods and drinks available to us. We’re increasingly trying to meet the needs of all the people in our lives, from our toddlers to our teens to our guests. Our kitchens are increasingly the center of our families and, as such, the center of hospitality in our homes. 

The modern kitchen has more moving parts and more moving needs, so we designed True refrigerators to reduce that movement, to simplify it, to make the way that our kitchens function as seamless, clean, and organized as the refrigerators themselves. True refrigerators make kitchens beautiful—design meeting realization, form meeting function, our lives being the way they’re supposed to be.