When most people think True, they think kitchens. We’re not changing that—we’re just raising a glass to it! Indoor or out, True Residential refrigerators anchor sophisticated kitchens of all shapes and sizes. From beautifully planned indoor kitchen zones to outdoor BBQ triads (Refrigerator Drawers, Beverage Center, Beverage Dispenser), True homeowners have been inspired by our philosophy of taking the best of professional kitchens and refining it for the home.

We’ve also found that True homeowners are united in their desire to share the best in home entertaining with family and friends. In recent years, we’ve seen that desire extend beyond the kitchen, and we’ve been asked how to apply our “refined for the home” principle to home bars. So we’re putting together a series of posts on the True Bar, beginning here with “True Bar Basics.”


Think of your favorite bar. Or cocktail lounge. Or wherever it is that you most enjoy going for a beverage and, perhaps, an accompanying bite. The reasons you prefer that place are probably very personal, but we would bet that you can distill them this way: 

  1. It has what you want
  2. When you want it
  3. Independently or with a party
  4. And it feels special 

Consider those four points a checklist if you’re planning a True Bar for your home:



From martinis to mint juleps to pinots and porters, the True Bar is versatile enough not only to serve what you want but also to serve it in its truest form. That means a Beverage Dispenser designed to pull the Perfect Serve, a Wine Cabinet to perfectly preserve your wines, and an Undercounter Refrigerator and Clear Ice Machine for your cocktail and noshing needs. 


When considering space plans, keep in mind that a wet bar with storage and prep space will ensure that you’re ready to entertain at a moment’s notice. Also keep in mind that nothing says “party’s over” like running out of ice. The True Clear Ice Machine offers the highest output rate of any residential ice machine, so you can make sure to start the party at any time and keep it going to any time.


Sometimes we want a drink paired with some me-time, so it’s important to consider how your True Bar can accommodate that desire—think fully controllable atmosphere (lighting, climate) and comfortable, loungeable seating.

Typically, however, we’re raising a glass to family and friends. Whether you’re the one stirring things up or you bring on some help, whoever’s tending bar should be able to serve guests as efficiently as possible. We’ve found that a corner bar setup provides the bartender with efficiency of movement, offers guests the most spacious seating arrangement, and ensures a good view of the game (or the Derby, a True tradition) for True Bars with screens built in.


Not to be forgotten is that we like to think of our favorite spots as “ours,” a reflection of who we are and what we value. We always encourage True homeowners to work with their designers to design with and around the finishes (stainless or custom overlays) for their True Bars to express themselves.

After that, well, it’s time to enjoy, and that means stocking your bar with the right spirits, liqueurs, mixers, garnishes, tools, and snacks. And that’s where we’re going next—The True Bar Shopping List—in our True Bar Series.

Footnote: to inspire your True Bar, we recommend immersive research. That is, plan a tour of your favorite spots and other highly rated spaces, ready to enjoy the offerings and take notes on design elements to incorporate into your True Bar.