Chef Kim Canteenwalla

Chef Kim Canteenwalla, culinary master extraordinaire, co-founded and helms quite a few Las Vegas restaurants, along with his wife Elizabeth Blau. Together, the duo forms Blau & Associates, a popular restaurant consulting business that includes sought-after establishments such as the Rainbow Room in New York City and Nomi in Chicago. Having worked in the culinary arts worldwide and participated in televised events that include the Best Hotel Chefs in America series at the James Beard House in New York and winning Food Network’s Iron Chef along with his celebrity chef partner for the show, Kerry Simon, we are honored Chef Kim chose our 48” Glass Door Refrigerator for his own kitchen. Given his prowess in that domain, Chef Kim agreed to share a few of his tips with us on how to style your fridge in the most function-meets-aesthetically-pleasing manner possible. We hope you enjoy!

  • We absolutely love our True Residential Glass Door Refrigerator, not only for its functionality but also as a stunning focal point in our kitchen. This being said, having your leftovers on constant display can seem challenging, so here are a few tips on how to keep things looking tidy and always ready to impress:
  • It may seem obvious but organization and consistent cleaning are key. Stick to a schedule and do spot-checks daily. As for the doors themselves, good old fashioned Windex on a coffee filter will do wonders for a streak-free shine.
  • Keep alike products together, grouping items such as beverages, raw vegetables, raw fruit, meets and cheese, containers of cooked food, etc. The separate grouping of fruits and vegetables, especially by color, looks beautiful through the glass.
  • For leftovers or meal prep, use a cohesive style of containers, either colorful or simple based on your taste. My wife and I personally prefer all-glass containers, both for the aesthetics as well as the nonporous surface which avoid food germs and smells. Ensure secure lids for safe stacking. Keep in mind this means no leftovers on wrapped plates or in pans and no half avocados wrapped in cellophane. Condense half-empty containers down to smaller sizes to keep everything looking bountiful and purposeful.
  • Vary your heights, using a cake stand or other vertical vessels can offer a delightful visual surprise.
  • Take advantage of your beverages; artisanal sodas, kombuchas, and fresh pressed juices look great. (Make sure all labels are facing front!) When in doubt, a beautiful pitcher with spa water (just add sliced cucumbers or lemons) goes a long way.
  • It never hurts to have a signature item or two on display, such as a large bowl of fruit or fresh herbs in glass jars. Play with color and texture.
  • Most importantly, have fun! Nothing is worse than a gorgeous refrigerator you can’t actually eat from. Keep everything functional and still stock up on your favorites!