Foodie culture is no longer relegated to the hip new farm-to-table restaurant down the road or the next town over. It’s landed in our home kitchens. While most of us might not have a flambé face-off with our closest Top Chef-obsessed neighbor, the amount of home chefs with some serious culinary chops are on the rise. Between all the incredible cooking shows, and the growing prevalence and popularity of farmer’s markets, who doesn’t love the opportunity to throw impromptu dinner parties and put those much-honed epicurist skills to good use?


At True, we make an effort to cater to everyone with our solutions-based appliances. We carry a wide-range of undercounter refrigeration solutions and full-sized units that run the size gamut. But since we want to provide the utmost in design flexibility, we recently introduced the 36”—a refrigeration unit that despite its small footprint, can accommodate items as large as an 18” by 26” commercial-sized sheet pan. Its compact size belies its capacity! Perfect for the home chef and fervent entertainer, the unit boasts 25.1 cubic feet of interior space. Puerto Rican Chef Natalia Vallejo, who was recently profiled in Bon Appetit magazine in regards to her new restaurant, Cocina al Fondo, is enamored by the size. “While I use commercial-sized refrigeration units in my restaurant’s kitchen, I love the size of the 36” True Residential unit for the home. I frequently throw intimate dinner parties where I test out some of my newest recipes with locally sourced ingredients, and I often find it difficult to fit everything in properly in most residential fridges. To own a refrigerator that not only functions incredibly well, but perfectly accommodates various dishes and commercial-sized trays while also exhibiting some serious style—now that is kitchen goals.”

Our 36” units join our expansive range of full-sized luxury refrigeration solutions, which include our popular 30”, 42”, and 48” Columns. In keeping with tradition, our 36” column is made with our exclusive 300-series stainless steel for an antibacterial, hygienic, and easy-to-clean interior. Ramp-up showcase lighting provides superior illumination throughout while intuitive True Precision Control and readout provides digital accuracy and easy operation. In addition, the 36” units are available in our Build Your True program of custom finishes and hardware – allowing for the choice of 48 unique combinations to meet any style needs. It might just be time to up the ante at your next dinner party.