The thought of owning a glass door fridge is daunting to many, but it can be life-changing when it comes to organization. There is a reason chef’s consider mise-en-place a religion. The French phrase, which translates to “put in place” or “setting up”, is a philosophy all culinary professionals share. It is the basis for an organized kitchen, which in a hectic restaurant environment is essential. The theory behind it though, should not only be applied to chefs. An organized kitchen, as most people would attest, reduces stress levels, helps eliminate the pile of long-expired items that seem to frequently make an appearance, and makes cooking quite a bit more enjoyable.


That is where our Glass Door Refrigerators come in. While “Marie Kondo’ing” your home seems to be all the rage these days, many people forget that organizing your refrigerator is just as important as tidying up your closet or your bedroom. A glass door fridge helps keep one accountable, helps reduce waste, and cuts down on cooking and prep time when organized well. The more visible your ingredients are, the less likely that lettuce is going to get to the wilted stage, and the more likely you are to find a great system for keeping the items you use frequently in the most easy-to-reach spots. Our glass door fridges, like all of our units, also feature interiors made of our prorprietary 300-series stainless steel—a great help as it is antibacterial, hygienic, easy to clean, and doesn’t retain food odors.

TR36As New York-based interior designer David Santiago, founder and principal of Casa Santi and StrictlySanti Brands, explains, it can also be a fun way to add pops of color! “I am obsessed with glass doors on refrigerators and here is why: It offers an opportunity to curate your products and liquids in an orderly fashion, giving you both form and function,” says David. “Knowing where everything is and displaying it properly is pure eye candy. It also keeps you on point with maintaining your refrigerator organized, making it inviting for family and friends, not to mention for everyday use. What is stopping you? Get a glass door fridge and show it off!”

We happen to agree with David. In addition, we offer our Glass Door Refrigerators in various sizes and they are all available in our Build Your True program of custom finishes and hardware to fit various style needs. Love a classic look? Pick our antique white finish and pair it with gold hardware—that combination is hard to beat. We love them all, but to cater to homeowners and designers and offer the utmost in design flexibility, our program now offers a choice of 48 unique color combinations.

Love the idea? Customize your perfect look with our True Customizer.