As the school year kicks into high gear, so do our stress levels. Every site, app, and newsletter seems to be inundated with “life hacks” aimed at helping us ease back into the hectic pace we’ve come to associate with the back to school life. From easy-peasy new lunch recipes to on-the-go or four-minute breakfast meals, every outlet sends out some helpful tips and tricks of the trade.

While we have often touted the benefits of our undercounter refrigerator and freezer drawers—especially when it comes to outdoor bars and stand-alone service stations—we often forget to mention the most obvious of benefits. Whether you have one of our 30” Columns, our 36”, or even our 42” or 48” refrigeration solutions, with a growing family, space always seems to be an issue. When our solutions-based drawers are incorporated, daily kitchen activities improve by quite a big margin.

Deconstructed Kitchen

One of our favorite ways to integrate our drawers? Incorporate one of our 24” Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers and one of our 24” Undercounter Freezer Drawers side-by-side in prime kitchen real estate. For late-working parents who like to prepare meals in advance, create your frozen dinners on Sunday night and then neatly pack them away in our Freezer Drawers. With 2 heavy-duty bin dividers per drawer, you can easily fit in a work week’s worth of home-cooked, frozen dinner meals for your family to enjoy, day by day. In addition, our forced-air refrigeration system—which allows for rapid product pull down and an even temperature throughout—combined with our exclusive True-Glide soft-close feature, renders drawers safe from the most fastidious of the “leave everything open” group of children (or significant others).


In complementary fashion, we love to fill up our Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers with breakfast ingredients—not only for a quick weekday breakfast go-to bar, but for more involved weekend brunch spreads that are perfect to invite the neighbors over for. With everything you need in your two heavy-duty bin dividers per drawer, prep and cook time is almost halved. Not a breakfast person or have children who refuse to eat anything but the odd bar or cereal for breakfast? Fill up the top refrigerator drawer with after-school snacks. This not only eliminates the inevitable mess that occurs from food search and hunger rescue operations, but allows one to curate healthy, filling options for kids’ after school snacks. We also love to use these drawers for Farmer’s Market produce—it’s a great way to keep perishables front and center when it comes to meal prep times. Regardless of what’s in your drawer, our refrigeration drawers are designed to make your life easier. Divide and conquer your back-to-school routine.