With the 4th of July holiday around the corner, we thought we’d highlight one of our favorite re-interpreted classic American designs. Not only is it made in America in our  Missouri factory——as are all of our products—it exudes Americana. Along with historical cultural and visual touch points such as Coca-Cola, blue jeans, and the Cowboy hat, the roll top cooler has earned a place among the aesthetic trappings of America. Below is a little bit more background on how this nostalgia-heavy cooler came to be.

True Manufacturing, the parent company of our residential line, sold its first major order of the units to 7-UP in 1948. The pivotal deal put True on the map and cemented the roll top cooler’s ubiquity for years to come—becoming a symbol of an optimistic post-War America. Because what is more indelibly American than a US-manufactured product that keeps beverages cool for national pastimes like picnics, BBQs, and entertaining made in-house by an American-made company? An iteration of the original roll top cooler specially designed for the home was recently added to our True Residential range of offerings. Now called the Slide Top Beverage Refrigerator, the unit is available in a nostalgic Retro Red hue that is emblematic of indelible American design. Synonymous with summer living, the slide top recalls the simpler bygone days of summer where grabbing a beer and/or a soda pop while watching the kids frolic during family and friend get togethers centered around the BBQ pit was par for the course.

Need any more reasons to love it? Here are a few: it allows guests to enjoy an easy-access, icy-cold beverage storage solution at home, indoors and out, and with style in spades. It also comes in two convenient and easily movable yet spacious sizes: 24” and 36”. Respectively, each accommodates 108 12 oz. bottles or 144 12 oz. cans and 264 12 oz. bottles or 348 12 oz. cans. This entertainer’s staple even comes with casters—allowing for freestanding applications and effortless mobility. The units are available in Black or Stainless exteriors along with the more vibrant colorways, Saffron, Cobalt, Retro Red, and Matte White.