It’s no secret people love a mood-boosting hue. In 2021 and early 2022, Sage dominated color palettes far and wide. From kitchens and baths to bedroom accent walls and Instagram-worthy hospitality spaces—the calming color was applied in spades. While its popularity shows no signs of diminishing—which is great for us considering we just launched Sage as our new finish in February of this year—we’re seeing all shades of green have their moment in the sun.

Emerald—a vibrant hue we launched in 2019—is once again popping up all over our social feeds and trending color topics. A rich verdant color, emerald is said to promote wellbeing, balance, and harmony. It is also grounding—and as with all other shades of green—it offers elements of biophilia much-loved in interior spaces. Sherwin-Williams, one of the design world’s most respected paint companies, recently polled more than 400 professional designers to get their take on the next color craze. The verdict? Emerald green for the win in 2022.

We can’t say we didn’t see it coming. Emerald, and Sage of course, have some serious staying power. Just take a look at this jewel box of a pool house by Blue and Blanc Design LLC (right). Our 30” Refrigerator, which we powder-coated in-house in our Emerald finish, was the exact color needed to create the ultra-chic aesthetic that defines this Pittsburgh pool house. Similarly, our indoor/outdoor Undercounter Drawers in Emerald add the perfect touch to a charming, design-forward bar. Think green!