When it comes to buying refrigeration, keeping food fresher longer, large interior capacity, hygienic interior and exterior surfaces, and flexible shelving and storage top many people’s lists. And of course, style, but when it comes to choosing between aesthetics and performance, most people will settle for the latter over the former if forced to make a choice. True Residential offers the best of both worlds—exceptional performance backed by commercial DNA, plus an expansive yet ever-growing range of finish and hardware options to fit anyone’s design preferences.

In regards to keeping things cool, all of our units include a balanced, forced-air refrigeration system that enables proper airflow and and even temperature throughout. This system keeps food fresh by rapidly cooling the interior—increasing cooled surface areas and interior bins while avoiding condensation. We also use an environmentally-friendly R600a refrigerant—which aids in efficient, product pull-down (quick cooling of interior items) and keeping temperatures consistent. In the case of our newly introduced 36” Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer—which marks our first-ever fridge/freezer combination—we offer dual compressors and evaporators, providing dedicated systems for both the refrigerator and freezer.

And that’s not all, when it comes to hygienic surfaces, unlike most luxury refrigerators, ours feature stainless steel both on the interior and exterior—and ours, a 300-series stainless steel we make in-house, is exclusive to the industry. This also enables homeowners to see exactly how much incredible interior space our units offer. Both versions of our 36” units alone can accommodate a full 18” x 26”  commercial sheet pan—home chefs love this aspect! We consistently listen to feedback from homeowners and designers to offer products that are optimized for the user’s needs. Which is why all our units offer adjustable shelving. Our new 36” fridge/freezer combo takes the customization even further—with four adjustable/removable half-width glass shelves, showcasing a unique-to-the-industry food storage solution. In addition, there is one adjustable/removable full-width glass shelf, and one fixed full-width glass shelf—each framed with stainless steel. In the freezer, two-tiered drawers with nested pull-out drawer and top shelf provide additional freezer storage flexibility. And that’s just for our full-sized units. Our undercounter refrigerators and freezers offer unparalleled storage—we’ll save those for another Art of Cold edition.