Design:  Blue and Blanc Design LLC | Builder:  Rolling Lambert Building Co. | Photography:  Poema Photography

“We live in Pittsburgh, so given the weather, not too many people around here have pool houses,” says interior designer Meghan McDermott. “I, along with my clients, really tried to bring a California coastal style into the design and create something completely different from their everyday home.” The couple’s decision to move forth on the unexpected, paid off in droves—the built-from-the-ground-up space is not only totally unique to the area, but it has an extra special meaning to the family because the builder was the wife’s brother.

While McDermott describes the couple’s home—which she also worked on—as more transitional, the pool house has a distinctly modern appeal. Black casement surrounds on the accordion glass doors contrast with the exterior of the dwelling and allow for expansive views of nature or a completely open indoor/outdoor abode. Textured, foiled black cabinetry with gold hardware pops against the white quartz countertops and is complemented by a round table with a striking white stone top and a rattan base and corresponding black chairs. The Bambusa floor tile—which recalls old parquet floors—was a daring risk that paid off. It warms the space up and plays well with the rattan chairs in the living area.

The kitchen is where the design really started to take shape. “We knew we wanted a glass door refrigerator and since we were a bit limited in size—and did not need a secondary double fridge—we went with True Residential’s Beverage Column.” As McDermott explains, the family didn’t necessarily need to keep a second refrigerator full of groceries, but they did want a full-size unit to house all sorts of cocktail accoutrements, kids drinks, and entertaining beverages of all kinds. A black and white color palette is no doubt a classic, but it’s the addition of our 30” Beverage Column in Emerald accented with gold hardware, and McDermott’s deft hand highlighting the color throughout, that really creates a “Wow” moment. “It was the perfect way to break up all the black and white,” says the designer. “Some clients want to stay on the safe side, but they were both like ‘YES’” when it came to the jewel-toned hue. “The style of True Residential products are kind of sleek and have a different feel than most mainstream appliances.” And it shows. “People walk in and say ‘Oh my god, this refrigerator!’” Need we say more?

As for the rest of the space, McDermott references the Emerald Beverage Column as a key component she designed around. In the living area a textural, round green ottoman from Made Goods sits in front of a black and white pin-striped loveseat upholstered in a gorgeous Perennials performance fabric. A cushion and a window seat, also in a palm leaf-patterned Perennials fabric, tie it all together and reference the outdoors. “I couldn’t be happier with the final result, and I think my clients would agree with that,” says McDermott. We certainly do.