In honor of Kitchen & Bath month, we thought we’d focus on a few of our favorite indoor kitchens. There are so many to choose from, but since we’re feeling the fall colors, this little round-up will focus on color in the kitchen! The all-white kitchen is a classic, but vibrant or neutral hued appliances are proving to have some major staying power.

In the design scene above, our Saffron hued units—a full-size Beverage Center, Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers, and Clear Ice Machine—blend in perfectly with both the wood and the light turquoise tiles. A brilliant, golden-yellow color, one would think Saffron would overpower a room, instead it brings in a subtle sense of cheer. While the above design style tends to lean Desert Modernism—think Palm Springs in the 60s and 70s—we’ve been pleasantly surprised with Saffron’s versatility. It seamlessly blends from modern, to traditional, and even transitional decor.

We have to admit, we’re a bit obsessed with our newest finish, Juniper. A deep, soothing blue/gray color, it provides much more depth, and again, more design versatility than expected. In this contemporary space, the timeless color adds a bit of much-needed warmth that pulls the entire design scheme together beautifully. On the far wall, our 30” Wine Column and 42” Refrigerator are perfectly linked through our proprietary Joining Kits—allowing for a continuous, harmonious flow. The glass doors on both our column and 42” also allow for a perfectly balanced space. Cabinets in a matching shade complete the look. While Juniper has a calming effect, it can also be used to serve a big dose of drama.

Love the idea of a mostly white kitchen but with a quiet dose of color? In this kitchen design by Long Island-based Sharon Gunther of Fresh Design Group, our 36” Refrigerator and Clear Ice Machine are both outfitted in our Ultra Matte Black finish and paired with our stainless steel hardware. This particular finish is not only incredibly tactile, but can serve as a neutral—as it does in this kitchen—or as a big dramatic focal point. And really, what’s a more iconic color pairing than black and white?