It’s the perfect refresher on a warm day: the summer smoothie. It could be the signature drink you serve at your Memorial Day barbecue, a weekend pool party or the breakfast table. Or it might simply be something you make for yourself as an anytime refresher, or for your kids as an after camp snack. It’s 2017, and everyone is doing it in someway or another!

No matter how you blend or what you mix together, we’ve uncovered the true secret behind a perfect smoothie or juice concoction: use fresh or freshly frozen produce. And beware, once you get started with the blending, or juicing, it can become addicting! The average smoothie uses at least 2-3 combinations of fruits and/or vegetables. And if you’re throwing in greens, you need at least one sweet ingredient to offset a potentially overwhelming taste and one other ingredient to change the texture. The average juice calls for at least 5 pieces of produce, sometimes more. So for one batch of drinks, the ingredients could take up an entire refrigerator or freezer drawer in common refrigerators and freezers. That’s where TRUE Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers or Freezer come in handy. Just slide it open, scoop out your ingredients and blend away! It’s that simple.

Smoothie Drawer Freezer Drawers

Here are some of our favorite blends to help get your summer smoothie fixes started from The Juice Bar, which can be found in 16 states across the U.S.

Very Strawberry Smoothie: Green Smoothie:
Banana Spinach
Strawberry Kale
Apple Juice Pineapple
Organic Coconut Milk
Organic Apple Juice

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