The brown bag might sound like a dated term. Especially with the invention of stay cool bags and stay warm thermos containers, reuseable ice packs, and the availability of a variety of recycled bags and novelty lunchboxes. And with more and more fresh but fast lunches available as drive through options, do employees, students and campers still brown bag it? The answer is most definitely yes!

Here at True, we’re celebrating National Brown Bag Day on May 25!  Brown bagging doesn’t have to mean you’re packing just a PBJ and a piece of fruit. We say be more daring and exciting while choosing to pack healthier and more cost effective meals. The history behind the simplicity of the brown bag is the idea that whoever packs it will be carrying it from one refrigerator to the next before consumption. Our idea is that if your sack is perfectly chilled before leaving a True refrigeration unit, the brown bag will actually keep your food fresher a little longer than average.

Here are some fun brown bag lunches to try for work, for kids and for those on the go!


The Adult Bag

Wrap it up and roll it tight with a carb conscious tortilla stuffed with the deli meat of your choice. Add some lettuce and avocado for a tastier wrap while skipping the condiments.

An apple and a bag of mini carrots will balance the meal and satisfy the noon-time office hunger! And don’t forget to use a Sharpie pen for labeling so colleagues don’t get lunches confused!

AppleSauceThe Kid Bag

A nut-safe sunbutter spreads well over a flavored rice cake, giving your child a crunchy munch to enjoy at snack or lunchtime. Add a cutie mandarin orange and petite cucumbers for a colorful meal. You can alternate crackers and a tub of spread for the rice cake. Feed your child’s literacy by sticking a “hello my name is” tag on the outside and create a custom brown bag menu for the contents inside!

The Anytime Bag

Unopened tuna kits with prepackaged mayonnaise portions can stay unrefrigerated until needed. Combine one of those with a pre-chilled single serve applesauce to add something cool to the bag while tossing in some of last night’s leftovers. Sounds like a complete and easy meal to us!