It’s hosting season! Memorial Day is the start of the outdoor party cycle for many Americans. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or pool gathering, or just an impromptu night of drinks with great friends and great weather, we know those longer summer days mean more guests to entertain. So don’t miss a beat of the party by getting up to add more water to the ice trays, or trying to smash the chunks down from your gas station ice bag.

There’s a simple choice to make: add the TRUE Clear Ice Machine to your list of summer must haves. It’s the highest-performing, most energy-efficient clear ice machine available to homeowners. Does that make you thirsty for a margarita or ice cold tea or lemonade?

The stainless solid door creates a sleek look for both indoor and outdoor use, or it’s available panel-ready if you’re looking to match existing cabinetry. Now onto that margarita:

MargaritaStep 1:

No matter how you shake it, step 1 always calls for a margarita glass dipped or lined in salt and filled with ice.

Step 2:

Are you following us? You’re going to need more ice, this time for the cocktail shaker. Take a standard margarita up a notch by adding cucumber to your choice of tequila then mix 2.5 parts of tequila with 1 part fresh lime juice and 1 part simple syrup.

Step 3:

Shake, pour, serve, enjoy!