It’s a hot summer across the Midwest, and we’ve found a lot of foods and drinks that quite simply are better served cold. It’s not always an option to put all the kitchen pantry contents in the refrigerator – they just wouldn’t fit! But what if you had an extra unit that was intended for entertaining and drinks but also served as extra storage throughout those hot summer months? Just like a child longing for the ice cream truck, we thought up a few items that make us feel cooler just thinking about them. And there’s nothing wrong with keeping them cold all year round!




Whether it’s Chinese take out or a steak dinner, we know you’ve all eaten it cold the next day!

Tuna Salad

When mixing canned tuna and mayonnaise, try chilling it at least 20 minutes before serving for a refreshing twist to an old staple.


We know you’re thinking they’ll turn brown if you chill them, but slice them in coins and mix them with cut strawberries and orange pieces in a bowl and you’ll have a cool fruit salad to enjoy any time of day.


It’s a soup that’s supposed to be served cold anyway, but chilled makes it so much tastier!


Try putting a candy bar, especially one with a creamy or caramel center, in the refrigerator and your taste buds will be delighted!

We suggest one of our Glass Door Refrigerator Columns for storing these items. There’s enough space to still keep your regular supplies, like bottled beverages and canned drinks toward the bottom while also storing your “items better chilled” luxuries within the direct line of your eyes.