What are your true color wishes when it comes to the kitchen? If it’s a sleek and sophisticated look you desire with a modern touch, you might be thinking all white, like a Nantucket style home. If it’s more of a contemporary style with a bold accent, perhaps your dream kitchen has darker wooden cabinets and black appliances, finished with brass or copper finishes. And if timeless is the answer to your true color wishes, we vote for stainless finishes with a neutral cabinet as the best choice. Did you know we have all of those color choices available in refrigerators?


We like to tell you the truth when it comes to style: there is no wrong choice. If you are planning to build the kitchen of your dreams, or remodel what you have, we know there are indeed a lot of choices, and it can seem overwhelming. After all, kitchens are more than just places to cook and store food: they’ve evolved into the epicenter of the home and family life.

To ease the process, we suggest writing down the must haves. It could be a sink style, a certain color cabinet, undercounter refrigeration, a larger main refrigerator, a double oven… maybe changing from tiling to hardwood is what will complete the look you are hoping to achieve. Whatever the case may be, rest assured it’s attainable, even if it’s just one piece at a time.