As design blogs, designers, architects, and shelter magazines alike all weigh in on design after COVID-19, one thing has become quite apparent. We not only want our homes to serve as all-encompassing sanctuaries, but we want to live smarter. And that of course includes a commitment to outfitting our homes with the necessary amount of refrigeration storage.

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As a solutions-based refrigeration company with style to boot, we are especially thankful for the timing of our 30” Glass Door Beverage Columns—and we have our clients’ to thank for the new introduction. We debuted them in late 2019 in response to demand for a full-sized unit dedicated solely to beverages. The serendipitous timing allows us to be a resource in a time of crisis for families searching for ways to limit their exposure in grocery stores. It also allows designers we work with to design for the future of homes post pandemic. Likewise, our new introductions come with a big plus: they feature our industry-exclusive, antibacterial 300-series stainless steel both inside and out, as well as ramp-up, showcase interior LED lighting to illuminate the interior. The addition of a beverage-only unit allows homeowners to dedicate their refrigerators to all necessary foodstuffs while still having a dedicated space for beverages.

When it comes to functionality, the new column not only accommodates a multitude of varying beverage storage heights, but it can be paired with a 30” Freezer, a 30” Wine Column, or even with one of our side-by-sides for the ultimate in custom residential refrigeration. Designing around increased storage needs where families have everything at their fingertips appears to be the way of the future. The new Beverage Center Columns also come with all of the bells and whistles. The Intuitive True Precision Control and readout provides digital accuracy and ease of operation. Wire shelving composed of electro-polished stainless steel allows for seamless access to beverages from front to back, while two PVC Vinyl-coated wine shelves allow for less movement and increased stability of wine bottle storage. The units are also equipped with an extra-tall wire basket that allows for upright bottle storage—a cross-support/matrix system allows for bottle immovability when sliding the basket out. The columns are of course also available in our Build Your True collection of unique custom finishes and hardware options for the utmost in design flexibility. While we might not be hosting large soirées any time soon, the new Glass Door Beverage Center Columns offer families a newfound luxury: the ability to store all their needs at home while not impeding on their food refrigeration needs.