As we all adjust to living during these extraordinary times, many families are finding a return to the kitchen as the heart of the home. From a newfound time and appreciation for family dinners and sharing in the making of these, in many cases, now multi-course dinners, to the bulk-buying in order to limit grocery store visits, the functionality and capacity of our appliances are more important than ever.

As a leading US manufacturer of refrigeration, we offer a large repertoire of solutions-based designs which include large-capacity full-size units (from 30” to 36”, 42”, and 48” units) and a wide array of undercounter units that range from Refrigerator and Freezer Drawers, to dual zone Wine Cabinets, Beverage Centers, Refrigerators, single and dual tap beer Beverage Dispensers, to the most efficient Clear Ice Machine on the market. Each unit is designed in our exclusive, antibacterial, 300-series steel and is specifically designed to streamline kitchens, the cooking process, and to aid in organization. In addition, each of our units come in the Build Your True program of gorgeous custom finishes and hardware options and feature more interior capacity than standard refrigeration units—a welcome element these days.

Freezer Column

For those juggling with working remotely, making meals, and taking care of little ones, our undercounter refrigeration options help to make it all a bit easier. Refrigerator and Freezer Drawers form perfect stand-alone stations. The Freezer Drawers specifically offer the perfect solution for parents who need to prepare meals in advance. A Sunday of meal prepping and subsequently freezing the week’s lunches and dinners in the freezer drawers, not only frees up valuable time during the week, but allows for more storage space in a full-size unit’s freezer—a big plus when trying to eliminate the frequency of exposure at the grocery store. With two heavy-duty bin dividers per drawer, lunches and dinners can easily be split up into sections. Our soft-close drawer feature renders the notion of drawers being left open a worry of the past. Likewise, our Refrigerator Drawers can serve as a snack bar for kids or even as a breakfast bar and/or smoothie bar—think easy-to-find breakfast ingredients, fruits, juices, and more for easy access each morning. In addition, our Beverage Centers—perfect for all types of drinks, not only free up quite a bit of refrigerator space, but can serve as a one-stop center for kid-approved drinks. For adults, the dual-zone Wine Cabinet, single or dual tap Beverage Dispenser, and Clear Ice Machine are the perfect additions to any kitchen—family dinners should be celebrated.

Freezer Drawers