While much of America—and the global community at large—hunkers down during the Covid-19 pandemic, one thing has certainly come to mind. A home should be a sanctuary that simultaneously caters to functionality and style—hopefully filled with family, friends, and our furry and feathered friends. But since most of us—who are able to stay or work from home—are taking refuge at home for the better good of all, it’s become apparent that creature comforts and well designed spaces can play a big part in our health and wellbeing.

With outside entertainment sources unavailable, people are seeing their homes in a new light and noticing areas in which their spaces are lacking in comfort, convenience, or functional design. It has become that much more apparent that outfitting your home with all of the accoutrements will benefit both in the short and long term. As a family-owned company, we understand this more than anyone. With our large repertoire of indoor/outdoor undercounter units, we carry every unit needed to create the perfect setup for family barbecues, a backyard bar, pool room, and more for family cooking and/or entertainment nights. These offerings range from refrigerator and freezer drawers, to wine cabinets, single and dual tap beer beverage dispensers, to the most efficient clear ice machine on the market, and more. All available in gorgeous finishes and hardware options that offer as much in style as they do performance. In addition, many families during this period are realizing the importance of a fully-decked out master bedroom, bathroom, and/or guest room. A beverage center in the master bathroom, for example, offers individual family members the opportunity to hole up in their room in peace, quickly grabbing a drink and/or fruit. In the guest room, a quarantined member of the household can have their own dedicated fridge, contributing to a much more hygienic household overall, as well as creating a sense of comfort and privacy for any guest. Our newest finish, Saffron, not only offers design versatility—but it can serve as a neutral, form a bold accent point, and fit into a wide array of design styles. But most important? The color is said to boost positive energy. What is better than that at this moment in time? Cheerful design for families, inspired by families.