“There’s no accounting for taste,” they’ll say. We’ve never been satisfied with that answer at True.

As pioneers in refrigeration engineering and the leader in commercial refrigeration refined for the home, our goal is to build the highest-performing refrigerators in the market. We’re as much designers as engineers, though, and as designers who live on the leading edge of kitchen trends, we pride ourselves on accounting for taste. Our deep relationship with the kitchens of professional chefs and our profound connections with architects and interior designers ensures that taste is on our mind at every step.

Which means that when it comes to the solid door versus glass door refrigerator debate, we don’t believe in “no accounting for taste”—rather, we believe in making sure that all tastes are accounted for, satisfied, delighted, and even surprised. Thus, we created the 30” Refrigerator Column, available in solid stainless or glass door.

Either way you door it, the True 30” Refrigerator Column offers homeowners the freedom to design kitchens that look the way they want and, as importantly, reflect the way they live. Paired with a 30” Freezer, a 30” Wine Column, or even with one of our side-by-sides, the 30” Refrigerator Column means complete control and complete freedom, and for homeowners and designers alike, that means complete luxury.

That doesn’t settle the solid versus glass door question, of course. For many homeowners, whether driven by comfort, precedent, or a desire to avoid always organizing what’s in the refrigerator, the solid door is the obvious choice. For others, the glass door is a breath of fresh, open space, especially when complementing open-concept shelving. Some find the solid-door refrigerator a natural way to live, whereas others, perhaps driven to be their most authentic selves, seek to be comfortable enough in their own skin—and kitchen—to show the world who they are. Some believe that “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” applies only to people, and others believe that what’s on the inside should also be nice to look at.

Having established the True brand in the kitchens of the best chefs around the world, who consider the glass door refrigerator all but a necessity, we love a glass door, but we don’t play favorites. Instead, our goal is to ensure that we’ve accounted for all tastes, and that’s what we’ve done on and in the 30” Refrigerator Column. Available in stainless or in our custom finishes, and with its patented ramp-up showcase interior LED lighting, stainless-encapsulated glass shelves and stainless soft-close drawer bins, the Refrigerator Column is beautiful inside and out, no matter which side of the door debate you find yourself on.