The trend report is in, and we’re not alone when we say homeowners want to maximize kitchen storage options. With the kitchen being hailed the heart of the home, it’s quickly become the landing place, the meeting center, the entertaining area, even the workplace, all while still remaining the best place for sustenance. So it’s no wonder why more space has become an essential for 2017.


Hanging cabinets that obstruct flow and views in the kitchen are being torn down, so it’s only natural that island spaces are being built larger, making under the counter storage the new must have in today’s kitchens. But if you only have a certain amount of square footage, where can it all go? HGTV shows a multi-tiered drawer from Hafele to add storage space for pots, pans, spices and other groceries or dishes. And we have something perfect to match: TRUE’s Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers.

Keep countertops free of clutter and grab only what you need in the kitchen because it’s right there, waist high. Hidden drawers create the clean and seamless lines designers dream of, making food organization and storage a breeze. Sleek drawers streamline the whole look. No one would even know there’s wine, fresh vegetables, raw meats or yogurt inside because the panels can be built to blend in with any contemporary style choice. Explore different applications of TRUE Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers and be inspired at how True Residential refrigerators can beautify and enhance the functional value of your home.

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