A custom True refrigeration design for Brownstone Pancake Factory.

As dedicated foodies—who in the refrigeration business isn’t?—we truly love visiting restaurants not only for the ambiance they provide but to also indulge in their culinary offerings. The design and the cuisine usually go hand-in-hand, as is the case of Brownstone Pancake Factory’s Brick, NJ location. Our custom-hued units serve as functional eye-candy complementing the plethora of decadent dishes coming out of Chef Bobby Bournias’ kitchen. His wife, interior designer Vanessa Deleon, immersed the design of the space in a 1950s chic look that enhances the entire experience. It exudes a laid back, lighthearted charm.

Brownstone Pancake Factory owner and Chef, Bobby Bournias; Interior designer Vanessa Deleon.

It’s not the powerhouse couple’s first rodeo—this is their third Brownstone location with a fourth on its way—and Deleon herself is an incredible ambassador to True Residential. Her own home features a large variety of our units both indoors and out. But the design of this location is just plain delightful. The 50s vibe not only permeates the space, which our custom units complement, but in some cases even the food. Known for their aptly titled “Ultimate Insane Milkshakes,” people travel far and wide to satisfy their cravings for these Instagrammable, ambrosial concoctions.

Photos courtesy of @brownstone_pancake_factory

But, as the decal on our custom unit notes, the restaurant doesn’t just serve pancakes and milkshakes—though the pancakes, made from a secret Bournias family recipe dating back to 1968, often top the milkshakes along with fried oreos, cookies, and any assortment of sweet indulgences your imagination can conjure up. Though we do love how our custom unit keeps the artful cakes, sweets, and treats fresh and visible to the eye—we’re all about curb appeal. As Deleon states “Our True Refrigeration Products are not only superior units to withstand our busy restaurants, but they look absolutely amazing! The fact that we were able to customize our refrigerators to our brand colors was a game changer!” We are all clearly on the same page. We love the design of the space—and our units in it—so we were extra excited to get this video from Chef Bournias that not only showcases some of the additional True Residential products in the restaurant, but allows our customers to hear from Chef Bournias himself. For those considering visiting, the menu also includes burgers, sandwiches, salads, and adult brunch beverage essentials such as decked-out Bloody Mary’s—we highly recommend it. And for those who don’t live in the area, never fear, Gold Belly delivers Brownstone Pancake Factory’s famous Brunch Box.