Sourcing and securing the right appliances is no easy feat these days. Homeowners want an aesthetically pleasing design, exceptional performance, and all the innovative details that help with the necessary elements such as keeping food fresh. One of the most common obstacles in the quest for the perfect fridge? The supply chain. Designers and homeowners no longer have the option to make a decision and simply move forward—appliances of all kinds are backordered for months at a time if not a year or more.

As a made-in-America company, we’re lucky to be able to meet all of the aforementioned needs—since we make everything in house, our customers aren’t inconvenienced by the lead time issues. Our products are also exceptionally beautiful while still exhibiting extraordinary functionality—plus our large assortment of finish and hardware options work well with nearly any design style and/or appliance possible—from ranges to dishwashers and more. Not only that, but we can create a custom piece if a designer would like to match appliances to each other or to another design element in the kitchen. However, the art of the mix is increasingly de rigeur. Just take a peek at Viking’s Tuscany Series’ 66” Freestanding Dual Fuel Range in Bywater Blue—it looks fantastic with our 30” Refrigerator in both our Stainless and Sage finishes.

Our refrigeration units truly work with any design, even the eye-catching Dolce&Gabbana x SMEG Carretto Hood. Unexpectedly, our 36” Glass Door Refrigerator in Saffron tones down the drama a notch while our 30” Refrigerator in Emerald with Gold Hardware slightly enhances it. Meanwhile, one of our units in Stainless Steel or an Antique White finish with Gold hardware might just create the perfect balance. And while we’re on that topic, designing kitchens lately is a balancing act—while one appliance might have to be swapped out for another due to lack of availability, our units are at the ready and play well with just about any design.

Still not so sure? We’ll give you a bit of a color challenge. Check out how well La Cornue’s CornuFe 90 36″ in Suzanne Kasler Liberte Pink With Polished Brass Dual Fuel Range melds with our 30” Refrigerator in Ultra Matte Black with Pewter hardware and our 42” Refrigerator and Freezer in an Antique White finish with Brass hardware. While vastly different looks, the pink and brass range is breathtaking with both hardware and finish options. Design is what you make of it—and our appliances are ready to play.