As the after effects of the pandemic continue, lead times and supply chain issues pose lingering challenges for industries far and wide. When it comes to refrigeration manufacturers, substantial delays are par for the course. Not at True Residential though—we continue to harvest the benefits of manufacturing everything in-house as a genuine, made-in-America company.

Our stainless steel units currently have a four-to-six-week lead time while most others in the luxury refrigeration category are working with at least a six month lead time—if not months more. We’ve seen some manufacturers draw homeowners in by offering a four month lead time—still a significant timeline increase over ours—and in many cases they simply aren’t able to meet the deadline. At True we are even able to offer a three-to-four month lead time on our custom finish units—a notably fast turnaround when it comes to bespoke luxury products. And why? Since our parent company True Manufacturing’s beginnings in 1945, everything, including the residential line (which launched in 2008), is vertically integrated. We are, in essence, masters of our own destiny. With housing renovations and new constructions still in high demand alongside a supply chain in constant flux, the lack of availability of luxury products and materials is driving costs. Builders are in some cases not even attempting to design fully-integrated kitchens in order to save on time—the reluctance is a direct result of a broken or disrupted supply chain caused by numerous factors. In the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s Q1 Kitchen & Bath Market Index 2022, created in conjunction with John Burns Real Estate Consulting, refrigerators alone were surveyed as the hardest products to get by a whopping 62%. We are pleased that we can offer a solution, while also supporting our domestic economy and workforce