A year of resilience, renewal, and innovation, 2021 began with a big dose of optimism and continued in that manner. Wellbeing and home improvements endured as prominent themes, and we dove right into them.

In residential news, the kitchen as the beating heart of the home took on more significance and meaning. Expansions, multifunctional appliances, and dedicated designs all saw a big uptick. Color also became a big factor—designers and homeowners are far from afraid of it these days and the idea of what defines neutrals expanded from the typical palette of token creams, sands, tans, taupes, and camels and grew to include dark blues, light greens, and a variety of additional hues that can blend in without taking over.

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At the start of the year, we were feeling a bit nostalgic and reminisced about our humble beginnings. In the process of reflecting on our American-made roots, we decided to highlight 10 things we love about True, in a blog post of the same title.

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In the spring of 2021, we launched a new finish that solidified our foray into the world of more broadly defined neutrals, Juniper. A serene new hue, the deep blue/gray color not only exudes a calm, relaxing essence, but it conjures up images of aromatic Juniper berries, delicious spirits, and the Juniper tree. We especially love this color as it serves as both a neutral or as a bold design choice—it also plays well with every finish and hardware choice we currently have.

As summer hit, we released our Low Profile Collection of ADA-compliant designs. While we consistently provide new designs that offer exceptional refrigeration solutions, these units are especially important to us. We believe design should always be inclusive as possible—and we made sure the aesthetics matched the units’ functionality. Each design is available in our Build Your True collection of expansive finishes and hardware options.

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As the fall approached we reflected on some of the amazing outdoor kitchen designs that have incorporated our units. We posted a collection of a few of the many we admire, the first of which can be seen here. From poolside kitchens to roof deck layouts, these are just a handful of the kitchens we’d love to live with. In our second post on the subject, we toured two Tennessee homes’ outdoor kitchens and one incredibly cool tiki cabana and bar in a Florida abode. While design styles varied, the appeal did not.

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Consistently evolving is a trademark of True Residential. So in the latter part of the year, we partnered with like-minded, American-made brand, Room & Board. Their new Amherst Cabinet, which is available for both residential and commercial spaces through Room & Board Business Interiors, features beautiful hand-worked cabinetry under a gorgeous stone top by Cambria (multiple options are available), spacious storage, and one of our high-end Low Profile undercounter units within. With Amherst, Room & Board identified and addressed a need for consumers to feel at home and well-equipped wherever they might be—we’re happy to be a part of the new introduction.

While so many more great things took place during 2021—from celebrity partnerships to a much-awaited decision to open a showroom in New York’s A&D Building, slated to open this summer—we are looking forward. Stay tuned, we have a lot planned for 2022.