There is nothing we love more than collaborating with like-minded, American-made brands that share our core values. As a family-owned, luxury refrigeration brand with commercial roots, we believe in a forward-thinking approach to design—one that caters to consumers now and in the future. Beauty, performance, functionality, and an appreciation for American craftsmanship are at the heart of everything we do—and quality, of course, is uncompromisable.

All of these aforementioned reasons are why we were so excited to partner with Room & Board on their Amherst Cabinet, which is available both for residential and commercial spaces through Room & Board Business Interiors. The artisan-crafted design combines beautiful hand-worked cabinetry with spacious storage, one of our high-end, low-profile undercounter units, and a gorgeous stone top for some serious at-home-like hospitality perfect for use in a myriad of settings—from hotels to commercial spaces, or even, for the luxe bedroom suite. Mitered framing and integrated pulls are just some of the cabinet’s design perks. With Amherst, Room & Board identified and addressed a growing demand for consumers to feel at home in spaces in new and innovative ways. Our shared ethos and design capabilities yielded a highly adaptable, multipurpose piece meant to last.

The inclusion of one of our units in the Amherst cabinet ensures the demand for quality refrigeration is met in spades—it provides style and interior LED illumination sans the noise most units emit. Because of our shared ideals, the partnership was a seamless alignment that espouses the best of both our brands. Our signature refrigeration capabilities pair perfectly with Room & Board’s inventive, modern style—allowing for a fully functional design that takes residential-like hospitality to new heights.