As bespoke appliances are all the rage these days, we’re happy to note that at True Residential, that has always been the mission. Every carefully thought-out introduction is designed to fill a need—with high performance features designed to improve aesthetics and efficacy in the kitchen.

We currently offer a very large array of full-size and indoor/outdoor undercounter units—but that number will continue to grow to meet anticipated (and unexpected) demand all the same. Two of the many introductions we are particularly proud of include our industry-first Joining Kits and our 30” Beverage Column, a full-size unit dedicated to solely serving beverages of all kinds. The former, which is available in both a 60” or a 90” design, offers designers the ability to produce a seamless look, combining either two 30” columns or three 30” columns, respectively. Not only does this allow homeowners to create a continuous design flow, but the joining kits can be customized to match or enhance the finishes on the two or three units in play. The latter, by all accounts, satisfies an unmet need in the marketplace—while staying just as stylish as the regular models.

Our Build Your True collection of custom finishes and hardware options are just another way for our customers to create a “bespoke” look. With a variety of gorgeous hues, including Juniper, Matte White, Cobalt, Antique White, Saffron, and Ultra Matte Black (to name a few), combined with the striking hardware options, customers currently have a choice of 60 unique color combinations—a palette that will increase in breadth. Each new finish is chosen for its ability to work well with a variety of styles and palettes. In addition, many of our units can be outfitted with overlay panels (including wood), a glass door, and can be chosen to hinge right or left. And that’s just for starters. Our patented TruLumina lighting is integrated in almost every unit—this allows for interior illumination with a choice of 14 different color options at the push of a button.

Furthermore, we also offer multiuse units such as our Undercounter Beverage Center. In its original state the unit offers two shelves for storage and two wine shelves that will accommodate 13 bottles. But with our TrueFlex shelving system, the unit can be converted into a refrigerator or a wine cabinet to suit one’s needs—now that’s hard to beat. And since we do everything in-house for the utmost in quality control, we are able to meet any RAL color finish a customer requests. At True, we are all about exceptional design.