As the holidays roll around, we find it quite intriguing to take “peeks” into the refrigerators of well known entertainers and interior designers. This week we tapped New York-based designer Keita Turner, founder of eponymous interior and product design firm Keita Turner Design, to open the doors to what’s in her fridge. A consummate interiors expert who has been featured in a variety of outlets from Vogue, to 150 E. 58th, Array, The Strategist, and Brownstoner, Turner is known for her distinct style both inside and outside the home. Her Livvy and Neva Vintage and Contemporary Pillow Collection showcases the eye-catching, lively nature of her work. And as it turns out, her holiday drink of choice is just as fun. Chilled eggnog with brandy and vanilla ice cream? Yes, please. See below for her favorite twist on the classic seasonal beverage.

Left: Interior Photography by @sans.murs; Interior Design: Keita Turner Design; Prop Styling: @thereal_helenquinn. Right: 30” Refrigerator Column in Saffron.

You either love eggnog or hate it. I happen to love sipping on eggnog!  Nothing says the holiday season like having containers of your favorite eggnog in the refrigerator.  It goes without saying that a glass of eggnog or eggnog rum cocktails sprinkled with some cinnamon or nutmeg spice is best served cold.  I like to chill mine (dairy-free for me and a traditional dairy-based option) in the refrigerator until it’s time to serve it to my party guests. If I need to up the chill on my favorite nogs, I always appreciate refrigerators like True Residential’s. Its intuitive True Precision Control and readout is easy to operate and provides digital accuracy—the forced-air refrigeration system is also a plus. It provides balanced, proper airflow and an even temperature throughout. Frozen eggnog cocktails are another favorite way to enjoy “noggin season”.  Just blend your go-to eggnog with your favorite brandy and ice cubes to a smooth puree.  Mix in a dairy-free or dairy-based vanilla ice cream. Puree some more and then pour the combined ingredients into high ball glasses chilled in your freezer.  Lastly, one of the best things about having leftover eggnog is it makes for an awesome ingredient in pancakes and my morning coffee!

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