Since the holidays entail different things for different people, we decided to tap New York-based interior designer Bonnie J. Steves—of the eponymous, award-winning firm, Bonnie J. Steves | Interior Design—to learn what customs are the most meaningful to her this season. For some it’s the festivities, for others it’s the rituals—from baking goodies en masse to setting up the bright and cheery decor—and for many, it’s the opportunity to spend quality, celebratory time with family and friends. For Bonnie, it’s a mix of all, but most important are the hours she’s able to spend in the kitchen, lending her time and effort to surprise and delight loved ones with melt-in-your-mouth, edible gifts.

Bonnie has worked on illustrious projects with The Oscars, Tiffany & Co, Mattel, and Escada to name a few. Her residential projects span the globe—the modern living spaces she creates are laden with wit and whimsy designed to cater to each client’s specific lifestyle needs. Her attention to detail is what makes each of her projects so unique, and as you’ll see below, she applies that same dedication to every delicacy she prepares in the kitchen. Enjoy!

Bonnie J. Steves; True Residential’s 48” Glass Door Side-by-Side.

“In these unique but still treasured times we’ve come to have a far greater appreciation for entertaining at home. As the holiday season draws near, decking the halls and shopping for gifts large and small becomes a country-wide priority. For me, though, the holidays aren’t just about the art and tradition of finding that perfect unexpected gift to tuck away into the stockings adorning the mantel. Filling bellies to supreme satisfaction with delicious culinary delights is just as important as properly stuffing stockings! The opportunity to share meals, baked goods, and thoughtfully chosen gifts with family, friends and clients is something that brings me great joy.  I truly relish and savor the time I spend in the kitchen preparing confections and delicacies for the season.

Some of my favorites include doling out everything from the Beekman 1802 Blaak Onion Jam, homemade Christmas Ketchup, Marinated Feta, Ginger Pennies, Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cups with a dash of gold leaf—and then complementing the feast with the perfect chilled bubbly from the wine cabinet!

While I look forward to preparing these sweet and savory treats all year, many of them can take weeks to prepare. That is why it is imperative to have the perfect refrigeration. And, one of my preferred units is the True 48” glass door side-by-side refrigerator and freezer. It not only has 20.7 cu. ft. of refrigeration space, but also includes 8.74 cu. ft. of freezer space—perfect to store items that can be prepped in advance.

For me, wrapping up the holidays by spending time in the kitchen making scrumptious edible “presents” for all to share, is the sweetest gift of all.” – Bonnie J. Steves 

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