When it comes to home bars, creating the right ambiance is an art form in itself. Decor aside, one of the most essential elements in a room designed for entertaining is lighting. It should not only enhance the aesthetic of the room but it should also encourage conviviality and conversation. On the practical side, proper lighting will also reduce eye fatigue, headaches, and promote relaxation.

One of the biggest dilemmas? Figuring out what the most effective and appealing lighting is for the atmosphere you want the space to convey. From halogen to incandescent, neon, or fluorescent lights, the first order of business is to find a specific type of lighting design or lights to serve a singular (or multi) purpose. Does the room call for dimmers? A back-lit bar? Or are track lights more your style? Do you want ambient, accent, or task lighting? Or all?

Regardless of which type of lighting and lighting design/s you choose, accent lighting can be just as important as the perfect room illumination. At True Residential, our patented TruLumina LED lighting gently illuminates the product and allows homeowners to choose from 14 different color options at the push of a button. When one or more of our Wine Columns is included in a bar design, the effect is quite dramatic. Our interior lighting creates an ambient focal point, delivering attention to the layers of delicious wines awaiting a swirl and a taste. And, as you can see, each varying color option changes the mood of the room. From a festive Fuschia to a more calming yet chill blue designed to give the room an aura of cool—the choice is yours. Set your scene.