We are excited to unveil a serene new hue to jumpstart 2021! After a tumultuous 2020, infusing homes and spaces with a color that inspires calm seemed like the perfect way to start off the new year. With that in mind, we are introducing Juniper—a deep/blue gray hue that will join our Build Your True program of custom finishes and hardware.

Aptly named, the gorgeous yet soothing new color addition conjures up delightful images of aromatic Juniper berries, delicious spirits, and the Juniper tree. The predominant botanical in any gin, both by scent and through the palate, the Juniper finish likewise exudes a relaxing essence designed to infuse any room with a sense of peace. Design-wise, it’s also a perfect choice to join our large repertoire of custom finishes and hardware choices. It’s not only lauded for its versatility and enduring allure, but it can play equal roles as a striking neutral and a bold design choice. Juniper seamlessly blends with a variety of materials and color pairings, from wood to marble, pastels to white, and to all shades of black—for one ultra-chic effect.

Fusion x64 TIFF File

While the color just happens to be on-trend both in fashion houses and design companies (Pantone opted for a lighter Sky Blue color of the year for 2021), our ultimate goal when adding new finishes is to choose colors with serious staying power. As the use of color in the kitchen continues to grow, we are thrilled to offer homeowners and designers yet another beautiful staple finish to apply to any of our full-sized and indoor/outdoor undercounter units. As Juniper showcases, a common fear of using color in the kitchen is disproved. The wide, 78” refrigeration set-up (shown above) creates a stunning focal point without overpowering the look of the kitchen. Our 48” Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer paired with our 30” Wine Column yields an uber-elegant appeal. Luxury in design equates to a freedom of choice, and with the addition of our Juniper finish, that’s something we deliver in spades. We now offer 60 unique color combinations to choose from and a multitude of units that can be grouped together for one luxurious composition.