The first True thing was a freezer.

In 1945, Bob Trulaske and his father Frank started True in their garage in St. Louis. In that garage, they built the first 40 cu. ft. upright freezer on the market. The Trulaskes were engineers at heart—they knew that there was a better way than relying on blocks of ice to keep food frozen.

But the Trulaskes were more than engineers—True started from a desire not just for a better freezer but, as importantly, for a better relationship with the food we eat and the drinks we enjoy. In fact, one of the first True refrigerators was made for a neighborhood bar to keep the 7UPs at the most refreshing temperature possible.

For most people, a freezer is a functional appliance. At True, freezers are designed to enhance our relationship to food.

That relationship has changed significantly in the last decade as our attitudes toward food and the choices available to us have evolved. For many of us, a side by side or over/under freezer space isn’t flexible enough. The 30” Freezer Column’s 15.1 cu. in. of freezer space offers that freedom, completely changing, for example, the way that the family of seven approaches its warehouse shopping trip. The 30” Freezer Column is perfect for the pescatarian or seafood enthusiast who wants high quality wild salmon or sea trout year round. It allows the diehard locavore to live whole hog—or whole hog plus ¼ grass-fed and -finished cow and ½ pasture-raised lamb.

Whether you’re a Costco family or a supporter of all things local and sustainable, the True 30” Freezer Column—with its narrow footprint, high-end design, and impeccable engineering—is designed to both fit and enhance your lifestyle—bringing your dedicated freezer out of the garage (or basement) and into your daily routine, where it belongs.