It’s a baker’s secret- one that gets passed down from generation to generation. It could be something simple, like “double the vanilla to make cakes sweeter,” or “hand-mix your batter to give cookies a richer texture.” Whatever the secret, it seems there is always some kind of trick to making homemade baked goods taste even better.


Whether it’s a holiday Yule log (bûche de Noël) cake or something you’re working on for that office bake- off, here’s one of the best secrets that should be shared with bakers across the world: don’t waste time cooling your cake before frosting it; refrigerate or freeze it first to help speed up the process.

The easy step even locks in the moisture instead of drying your cake out. And why not stick it in our 24″ Beverage Center to get the job done? You can lower the temperature all the way down to almost freezing at 33 degrees. Who says you have to use it just for drinks.

One other tip for bakers from Martha Stewart: She recommends making cake layers in advance and even freezing them overnight to create firm layers that are easier to lift and move, and don’t crumble as easily. But if your freezer is too full to be prepping cakes, put this on your holiday wish list: the True 24″ Undercounter Freezer. It fits in perfectly at the end of countertops, within your kitchen island or even in your outdoor living space!

Pictured: True Residential 24″ Beverage Center (left) and 24″ Undercounter Freezer (right).