As spring approaches, the halcyon days of summer beckon. And with it a need for a “refresh”. From our wardrobes to our choice of wines—rosés and sauvignon blancs start replacing our pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon cravings—everything changes. And with it, our decor. Heavy, dark colors that cater more to a wintery vibe start disappearing, and in their place, fresh whites, light woods, and tropical patterns start making an appearance. It’s the natural order of things, but some designs look good no matter the season.

And so it is with our matte white finish on any of our units, but especially on our indoor/outdoor undercounter units when situated outside. From lightening up a dark palette to adding a fresh appeal to an already summer-ready aesthetic, our matte white finish adds the perfect pop of color to any space. But brilliant style aside, setting up a year-round outdoor entertaining suite will pay dividends for years to come. While creating the optimal place to entertain is a matter of preference, combining some of our favorite designs really ups the hospitality factor.

Our beer Beverage Dispenser, not only offers the ideal, frothy draft pour, but is available with both a single or a dual tap to satisfy the most discerning of beer lovers. A perfect complement? Our Refrigerator and Freezer Drawers, of course! While one can be used to stock any cooking necessities and/or snacks, the other can store mixers, liquors, and more—basically all the elements of a refreshing summer cocktail. And since a cocktail is not complete without ice, our Clear Ice Machine—which is panel ready to fit seamlessly into any design scheme—not only keeps things cool but is so much denser than regular ice that it makes your drink last longer. Who wouldn’t want that? To round it all out, our Beverage Center serves as a great addition. With available wine storage as well as plenty of room for food and beverages, how can you go wrong? It makes entertaining at home a breeze.