As Spring is in full effect, so are its seasonal blooms. From Blue Bonnets to Baby’s Breath Muscari, to Blue Allium, Blueberry Bliss Bearded Iris, and Harmony Dutch Iris—nature’s blues are flourishing. And as they blossom, a pattern starts to emerge. In Spring, it’s all about shades of blue. From lighter to darker hues, blue inspires a sense of leisurely calm—a perfect color to soothe the transition from winter to summer.

At True Residential, we love incorporating blues all year round, but as the days lengthen and the warmth of the summer sun starts to increase, blue becomes a symbol of the beauty of open spaces—of the sea and sky and man-made and natural bodies of water. So why not design your indoor or outdoor oasis with pops of the alluring color?

Whether you want a stationary or mobile design that adds that perfect splash of blue—or an all-blue kitchen, bar, or outdoor entertaining space is the goal—all our full-sized and indoor/outdoor undercounters come in two gorgeous shades of the hue. From our cobalt finish, which recalls the blue domed landscape of Santorini’s architecture, to our newest Juniper hue—a beautiful fusion of deep ocean blue and elegant gray slate—it’s hard to go wrong.

While Juniper offers a more serene appeal in comparison to cobalt’s bold presence, both finishes bring forth a surprising versatility—they seamlessly meld with a variety of colors, design styles, and more. When used in combination with our Build Your True program of custom finishes and hardware options, the possibilities are quite brilliant.