In a year that has upended all norms, one lifestyle element has risen to the forefront. The workplace and its structure has shifted. As a variety of businesses have realized the potential benefits and cost savings of remote work, many companies are considering allowing their employees the freedom to work from home on a daily or hybrid basis

In a survey of 1,000 US-based full-time workers, Nintex found that almost 70% of respondents felt that working from home improved their productivity and increased their work-life balance. While that might not feel like news to some, a related trend is also emerging—the outdoor office. The concept was already gaining popularity pre-pandemic in the commercial design world—and now the movement has evolved into the home. As Work Design magazine covered in 2019, biophilic design was already acknowledged as a necessary element to improve employee’s health and wellbeing in the office. But what if all one needs to do these days is move the office outdoors when weather permits?

Well considering working outdoors at home addresses both issues, we thought the most prudent decision would be to outfit the new outdoor office with all the necessary accoutrements that lend themselves towards comfort and function. While our indoor/outdoor Undercounter Wine Cabinet and beer Beverage Dispenser might not be at the top of the standard office amenity list, they can surely be considered great perks after the necessities are taken care of. Who doesn’t love an after-work cocktail or frosty brew in the comfort of their own backyard? But pivoting back to the new sunny workspace: our Undercounter Refrigerator and Refrigerator Drawers are not only perfect to store your lunch, icy-cold beverages, and/or afternoon snack, but you can make double-use of them for both work and play. For those whose priority is food and beverages but would still like the option of an afternoon Happy Hour glass of wine, our Undercounter Beverage Center accommodates all. Can’t stick to one working spot outdoors? Our Slide-Top Beverage Refrigerators not only come in some fun, cheer-inducing colors—think Saffron, Cobalt, and Retro Red among more neutral options—but they are also available as freestanding mobile units with castors for ease of use. When it comes to the outdoor office, at True Residential, we believe working well means living well.