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Nov 25

A Holiday Recipe to Relish

This sweet and tart condiment has a little kick thanks to the dried red chili.

Nov 23

Dealer Spotlight: Designer Appliances

Choosing the right home appliances for your budget, lifestyle, and aspirations can be daunting.

Nov 23

Flexibility, Versatility, and Color: It’s in True’s DNA

In the last two years, society as a whole has acknowledged the need for a more hospitality-like atmosphere at home.

Oct 25

Kitchens We Love, Part 2

We truly love color in the kitchen, but we are equally captivated by the power of a white finish.

Oct 19

Kitchens We Love, Part 1

In honor of Kitchen & Bath month, we thought we’d focus on a few of our favorite indoor kitchens.

Oct 13

A Jewel Box of a Pool House

The couple’s decision to move forth on the unexpected – a pool house in Pittsburgh – paid off in droves.

The best of the cold ones

True Mise en Place

We’ve spent a lot of time talking to chefs about kitchen zones, our True 42, and what comprises a true “chef’s kitchen.”

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Appliance World

Since 1992, Appliance World, a family-owned business, has served their consumers with knowledge, expertise, and exceptional service.

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