We’ve spent a lot of time talking to chefs about kitchen zones, our True 42, and what comprises a true “chef’s kitchen.” The easiest way to describe it is to break it down to the basics: hot/cold, wet/dry, clean/dirty. But that’s merely describing relationships. To get to the true heart and soul of a kitchen that works, we have to talk mise en place.

French for “put in place,” mise en place is as much personal philosophy as organizing principle. To practice mise en place is to gather and arrange necessary ingredients and tools—and not just to gather but to “work clean,” keep the cooking space uncluttered and balanced, a harmony of chef, tools, ingredients, and space. 

The best chefs are passionate about organization. The best chefs keep everything in its place, everything accessible, everything necessary, efficient, enjoyable. Countertops that serve as canvasses, appliances that work and feel like appliances should.

We’ve taken to heart the philosophy of mise en place and applied it to the design of our full size refrigerator, the True 42: clean, strong, balanced, enjoyable. This is the refrigerator that professional chefs want in their home kitchens. Clearly inspired by the kitchens in their restaurants, it works the way a professional refrigerator should: quietly and proudly.

To see the True 42 for yourself—and to visualize its place in your chef-inspired kitchen—please find your nearest True Residential dealer and visit the showroom.