SteakThe idea of purchasing an entire animal to raise, slaughter and consume dates back centuries ago.This is when hunters had no other choice but to find their meals for sustenance. But in present day, “splitting a cow” with a family or finding a farm where you can actually choose your own is proving to be a more financially savvy and potentially healthier option than doing weekly meat shopping at your local groceries and markets. With the meats being able to be stored for up to six months in a freezer, for many families, it also becomes a matter of convenience to simply stock up for the long haul.

Here at TRUE, our company started with simply a freezer. The Trulaskes knew there had to be a better way to keep food cold and fresh than relying on blocks of ice. But they wanted to build something designed to enhance our relationship to food. And even though our choices and options have changed in that relationship, what we put in our freezers directly impacts the way we live. Our health depends on it, our budgets are tied to it and our children are nourished by it.

Whether you are shopping at a warehouse or a farm, the 30” Freezer Column is designed to bring your items into a cozier spot right inside the kitchen or butler’s pantry, so the choices you make at the dinner table are easier to find. Forget the garage or the dark storage part of the basement… you can store the cow with your finest seafoods from that fishing trip last month, your grab and go items from the grocery list, or your leftover produce for smoothies. We’ll give you the space; it’s up to you how you fill it.