Counters are a top priority when designing kitchens. A homeowner must consider how much space is needed for cutting and chopping, appliance storage of items like blenders and toasters, and then also general living space. The decision to go longer and wider with granite or marble slabs is quite common, and a lip is almost always recommended in newer kitchens, providing the much desired space for bar height stools.

Traditional Showroom

The kitchen is the hub for not just cooking, but also conversation, homework time, and late night work zones. Oftentimes designers use that lip/counter seating to open a kitchen into the next living space, whether it’s a breakfast room, hearth room or living room that extends to outside. With so much space devoted to counters, homeowners might tend to cut into main refrigeration space in order to achieve the look of a more open floor plan.


Here at True, we love extra counter space because it provides the perfect depth and home for our undercounter refrigeration units. Nothing protrudes past the sleek drawer lines, and food access is more convenient than walking through maybe a kitchen galley to get to the refrigerator for a quick ingredient while cooking, or to grab a snack while studying. Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers also help alleviate counter clutter of produce, breads and bottled drinks. Having a set of drawers also could provide enough space so that a trendier, column refrigerator could be installed as the main resource of refrigeration.  Not all food is the same, so why just choose one main refrigerator when you can have several options strategically installed throughout the kitchen? You know it’s truly a great idea!