There are so many choices when it comes to kitchen design. When you are creating your best living space for both functionality and aesthetic appeal, there’s a lot more to it than just picking appliances and cabinets. Here’s some tips on where to start when you are building your dream kitchen:

Focus on what is the most important feature

There are many different types of cooks in the kitchen: the ones with little helpers, the ones who share cooking duties with a significant other, the ones who like to stock but not cook and the ones who dream about running a restaurant of their own. Designers agree it’s best to focus on whether it’s a particular appliance, a specific countertop, an open prep station or hidden cabinets that matter most. This helps clients build upon their goals and dreams.

Lake Tahoe DrawersChoose a style

While you might meet some designers who will steer you in one direction over another, most agree it’s best to stay true to you and choose the style you want to see come to fruition. For example, a darker look might call for a True refrigerator in black with brass hardware. A more modern look might necessitate undercounter units to complete the seamless look of easily accessible cabinetry.

Love where you live

A kitchen remodel or starting from scratch is a large undertaking, and homeowners should take the time to do their research in order to get exactly what they want. For some, that will mean loving the space they live in until the space they dream about becomes attainable. But sometimes just one small change at a time can make a world of difference, whether it’s a change for better functionality or a quick upgrade to please the eye. One thing is for sure: styles will always change, but here at True, we will always stay True to quality, durability and reliability that will stick around for generations.