We know how to store wine– we’ve made a business out of making it easier for you to enjoy the finer things in life. That’s why we pay close attention to the two things that are crucial when storing wine: temperature and storing position.

Open WineIf you’ve ever wondered why racks are made to store bottles horizontally, it’s because if wine is positioned upright for an extended period, oxygen will eventually seep in and spoil the wine. On it’s side, the liquid stays in constant contact with the cork, making a more secure seal by adding moisture and creating a cork that does a tighter job. But if it’s vertical, the liquid loses touch with the cork, the seal can loosen and oxygen can get inside the bottle. A bottle stored upright could lead to a dried out cork, leaving nothing but vinegar for consumption.

And now onto the temperature… did you know wine can begin to “cook” if it sits too long at too high of a temperature? Wine is best stored at 70 degrees or below, and you know here at TRUE, we prefer it chilled.

Our Wine Column makes wine storage not only more convenient, but also much safer. The 30” column can store up to 150 bottles along 15 full extension, soft-close racks. And, those racks are designed to accommodate a variety of bottle sizes. The temperature zones can be adjusted from 40 degrees Fahrenheit up to 65 degrees. Let us help you preserve, protect and show off your collection.