Chef open

The guests are gone but the food is not. Oh the leftovers some homeowners will gobble up for the days following Thanksgiving! Even in a True refrigerator, just remember leftovers only stay good to eat for a few days, and that’s assuming you’re not reheating, refrigerating and then reheating again… multiple times! If you go the freezer route for storage, then the leftovers can be enjoyed for up to a month, maybe even over Christmas! Here are a few ideas for making good use of what’s left from the big feast.


Divide and Conquer!

You’ll probably want to make a variety of dishes if you have a considerable amount of food to keep. Finish carving the turkey so pieces of meat can be easily stored in either glass dishes (easiest for reheating) with lids or plastic bags (easiest for grab and go trash disposal if the leftovers are not consumed).  Cut and store green beans in plastic bags in the freezer for easy access when cooking stir fry and vegetable medleys. Consider purchasing disposable storage containers to give out leftovers to guests or take to shelters where food is appreciated.

Rolls and Cornbread

If you served these warm or toasted at the dinner table, save them in tinfoil and reheat within a day. Alternatively, store in the same way and then use the “stale” toast to make a new batch of stuffing or croutons for a salad.

Meal Ideas

Turkey sandwiches are the obvious go-tos in the days following Thanksgiving. But other popular dishes include recipes for turkey pot pie, turkey noodle soup, turkey primavera (mix the turkey with the leftover veggies and gravy in a skillet- noodles optional) and even turkey omelettes. We think those taste best with a little spinach and swiss cheese!