The Art of Cold

Insight and Updates from the Leaders in Refrigeration

Jun 1 | Food

Watermelon Cake

You’ve seen it on Facebook, you’ve salivated over it on instagram, and you’ve tried to copy how to do it on YouTube.
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What's In Your Drawers?

Here's some suggestions to inspire you to consider opening those drawers to a whole new world of refrigeration.
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May 1 | Design

Redefine Your Bar

The traditional in-home bar is constantly getting a makeover.
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Inside A True Chef's Kitchen

James Beard Award winning and Michelin-starred chef Wylie Dufresne recently renovated his personal kitchen in New York.
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Apr 2 | Kitchen, Design

The New Norm

It’s the new norm when it comes to kitchen design trends: multiple cooling appliances.
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Feb 23 | Kitchen, Design

Go for the Gold!

Whether it’s an Olympic medal or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we have gold on our minds here at True.
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Feb 22 | Kitchen, Design

How to Choose a Designer

Be it a refrigerator, freezer, or undercounter drawers, you might be feeling overwhelmed about how to fit everything into your kitchen.
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Back to Basics

Does it feel like you’re finally back on track and back to the basics in your daily routine?
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Feb 1 | Beer, Food, Hosting

Super Bowl Snacks

Whether it’s chicken wings and seven-layer dip or burgers and beers you crave, the snacks are just as big of a part of the game as the halftime special and entertaining commercials
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Storage, Please!

It’s a common need especially during this time of year when there are leftovers from family feasts, to-go boxes from office parties, and more.
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Conserving Water

We’re an open book when it comes to talking about conservation and energy efficiency.
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Donuts and Coffee

They’re not just for office meetings, corner coffee shops or police officers.
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